Lakeland, Florida, November 6, 2023 — Bank of Central Florida is thrilled to announce the groundbreaking of its South Tampa office, a significant milestone in the bank's Vision 2025 Strategy to expand its presence along the I-4 corridor, enhance the client experience, and foster talent development.

Bank of Central Florida is expanding its footprint with the construction of a new office in South Tampa. This move aligns with their strategic focus on leveraging technology, allowing them to serve a wide range of clients while minimizing the need for numerous physical offices. The bank's selective approach to office locations reflects their commitment to engaging and supporting the communities they serve, fostering a strong and efficient presence in the region. The total square footage of the new office is estimated to be 2906 square feet, and the office will have a drive thru. The office will open later in the year 2024.

Leadership is excited to have their first standalone office in the fast-paced South Tampa area. This location will be the sixth office location that the Bank will have opened since the Bank’s establishment in 2007.

Paul Noris, CEO & Chairman of the Board, states "Bank of Central Florida has doubled in the past five years in asset size, and we remain committed to our Vision 2025 strategy of growing across the I-4 corridor. Breaking ground on this new office is more than a physical act; it’s moving forward with our communities and bringing vision to reality.”

"As we build our presence in South Tampa, we remain dedicated to our mission of utilizing technology to provide excellent service while carefully selecting locations to truly connect with the communities we serve. At Bank of Central Florida, it's not about the number of offices, but the quality of our relationships." – David Moore, President of Bank of Central Florida

The South Tampa office's development will contribute to the realization of these strategic goals, demonstrating Bank of Central Florida's dedication to its clients and the local community.